Dear Diary.

Dear diary,
I’m in dire need of a friend.
I actually have friends for days,
So let me rephrase…
I need a confidant.
Someone who I have confidence
On and on
And honest in the end.
Honest through ’til then,
On as time in life,
Honest I mean life.
I’ll tell them something,
They respond.
I’ve been writing all my
Messages in bottles hoping someone reads them,
Blogging hoping they click and read,
And down in my dear diary.
Dear diary, I hope you are not offended
But I could be talking to a wall,
And not to be condescending,
As nothing is the response I get from my…
…Dear diary.

Dear diary,
I’ve always been telling you about me
But you haven’t said much about yourself,
How did YOU ever become my dear?
My dear diary.


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