I guess I don’t have to say anything.

My mind is running in circles as I lay in my bed.

What should I say? “You are so beautiful.” “I want to be your man.” “I love you.”
No, none of those. Too many are already saying it, what’s the point of me adding to that noise?

I always feel like I gotta say something.

Ah, but then comes the moment of epiphany.

See, there we were in a situation alone, the mood was casual until we looked at each other. The looks on our faces caught us in the headlights, lost on what we should say to alleviate any possible awkwardness.

The look in her eyes of appreciation… no wait, something beyond that. Like a lost child who had found her way back home or maybe not even home but just somebody who took her in the right way and helped her find what she needed.

Like mirrored souls, we started to smirk, then a little laugh or what our expressions could make of those, through the smiles of “I found you.” that were molded and seemed frozen as wax sculptures, all in synchronicity.

We leaned in… slowly.

My heart was racing but yet I was relaxed in my mindset.

Then it happened…
…we had found each other.

For every other occasion, a healthy conversation fulfilled the time. Healthy as in I wasn’t just agreeing, I was listening and adding in what I see. The same applied here but this time, when we didn’t say anything, that was the moment that showed ourselves that us just being with each other, spending the right kind of time, being comfortable knowing who we were, loving to bounce from topic to topic in conversation off of each other and with each other was what we were both looking for.

The conversations said, “I want to know you.”
The looks said, “I found you.”
And our mouths said… nothing… along those lines.

It’s not that we knew what was gonna happen and it’s not like my whole aim was that.

Love happens and in this case, love happened…
…and I didn’t have to say antyhing.


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