Mr. Lost Cause

Pardon me if I seem negative at times

But why do white lies remind me of black thoughts?

Black as in the dark side of life, not as a skin color.

So every thing tracks me back to greenbacks

That I don’t have so I can’t give,

And I can’t provide, it seems like I can’t live

The way that I, Mr. Lost Cause,

And maybe I’m lost ’cause I can’t see

Past the green things.

“Lost” ’cause it seems my musical talent

Gets lost in the world of “They Can’t Hear Me Yet”.

“Yet” ’cause I have restricitions on my roll

Speed bumps beyond my control.

“Control” ’cause I have lost quite a bit of mine

Lost in a daze of days, fast, furious, blurred as they go by.

And they go “Bye.” as to never be reclaimed as time,

As in the thing that passes like the days only to be

Unlabeled, unnamed, and all the same to me.

I continue to claim to be working on moves,

I do get lost in grooves still but never quite done.

Damn… there goes another one.

As I lose time, days, control of my life in this season,

Doors of opportunity are opened for no reason.

This life is taking away my map…

Maybe these aren’t my doors anymore…

Maybe I’m now just “Mr. Lost”.


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