Oh yeah, I forgot – I’m not the only one.

Of course there are those times I say that the world is coming down on me.

Or that God has forsaken me in my time of need.

I know that that’s not true.

Although, there is some misfortune but nothing intentionally targeting me or abandoning me.

There are things I gotta get through or over just as many before me have or have not.

There is and isn’t somebody like me in the position I am in.

There are other people.

It feels like a competition all the time… because it kind of is.

It gets rough.

Of all the battles out there, the worst ones are with ones own self.

It gets to the point where I’ve battled myself so much that I’m used to thinking if I thought battled myself out of doing something, fine, it’s not gonna happen any other way…

…oh yeah, I forgot – I’m not the only one.

Got lost in myself for a sec, how selfish of me…(?)


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