“Get to know me…” “Ask me anything…”

Humans are territorial.

We find our space and we appreciate the fact that we can change things to our own, personal liking.

We more or less have competitions for space.

We’ll battle over things from the last cookie in the jar to imaginary boundaries on the Earth.

Here comes MySpace, Facebook, and similar social networking sites with such things as Truth Box or maybe it’s the whole website called Formspring.me.

Somebody submit questions or statements anonymously to get to know the person.

Here’s what I’m seeing: The majority of people wish to really find love and/or appreciation of who they are in this new and crazy generation of shy people, when it comes to relationships, using these apps and sites. Going out and dating takes time and money. Skip most of the unnecessary dating situations and just get the foundation laid online anonymously or even non-anonymously if you want.

So people ask whoever questions like, “What’s your favorite color?” or “What’s your favorite movies?”. You know those little things that can be used against them, not negatively, to get on their good side. That could be considered negatively in some cases I guess… but I digress.

I don’t think that’s the most impactful way of using these things.

Not that they aren’t great for those kinds of questions, introductions or just curious about those small things. They are very good at that and are very interesting when you read the answers. Most of the time. Interesting information…


I think that these people are waiting for a specific person to ask one question.

The right question.

The one question that these people have wanted to answer ever since they met the intended answerer.

Just like comments before, these things are an open-door invitation for that one person to say to whoever wants to hear it.

It’s one of those “moments” that is just… perfect!

The irony is that the person who is supposed to ask the perfect question probably isn’t sure how the other person would take such an epic question. They don’t want to scare them away.

Funny thing is… then they ask that question, “If you were to be asked one question from the person you’ve always wanted to fall in love with, what would it be?” and then the answer comes out and it’s not as special anymore… which is probably why it doesn’t happen that way.

To be the one who asks, or the one who answers… you can’t be as unsure as I am as the wannabe-asker or answerer.

Yes, I would love to ask her and no, I don’t want to scare her away. Yes, I would love for her to ask and yes, I would love to answer.

I guess I’m one of those who feels that people haven’t gotten to know me enough or asked enough questions.


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