The many pieces of a puzzle combine
To make one picture… with cracks.
An image of a puzzle is never solid
Because the pieces never fuse at their cracks.
Leaving tracks of, or traces of
Their manufacturing by design,
By a shape, as shown by those lines.
Not to say that they don’t fit any other way,
Any mother may know what I mean.
These seams can be sewn, patched
Matched to another pattern of another design.
New image, same lines,
Different manufacturer, different times.
They fit unintentionally,
Yet we only know that seldomly.
Seldom we find an image in our minds
Of mix n’ match puzzles pieces as an
Image refined.
An image designed with the
Pieces and lines
Fitting yet the image is… messy.
The image designed minus the
Pieces and lines
Has no sequence in color
Or objects borders defined.
Out of order visually
But as pieces they fit,
As art is pieces of “this
And that” into this one piece of –
Well you can call it whatever you want but they fit and it’s there.


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