A movie was just a movie…

When I was a kid, I always went with the emotional ride in whatever movie I watched. I don’t know how or why that part of me developed that way. I’m sensitive but not hyper-sensitive so girls stop worrying I’m a really pathetic “guy”.

Anyways… there was always that part of me that, like most others, internally asked, “Wouldn’t that be cool?” or “Wouldn’t that be a great story if it happened in real life?”.

Have you ever thought that you could handle something knowing you just watched a movie with a similar scene in it but then realized, whoa, reality puts a little something exta in there?

A life like the movies is not so fun because there’s a thing that doesn’t get shown in between the scenes, that do appear though in real life. It’s called time. Time gives real life extra space for humans to think and humans do thnk in that time… and most of the time, they don’t think in sync.

That’s why movies and other recorded forms of media (and I mean the total definition of “media” not just TV and newspaper) strike a chord with people because it gives them time to. In the moment though, it’s a bit different thinking patterns than having time to absorb a specific human produced situation and/or context for audiences.

Real life is a place where a fairy tale ending can always come true but the fairy “tale” has a small chance of happening (unforced).

A movie and a book quite often has fluidity, flowing from scene to important scene. Life has breaks. It is that waiting period that society has lost its appreciation for. I know I have.

Immediacy is the thing that mothers want when it comes to your room being cleaned or contacting her when your out as teenager trying to have fun.

Let me skip to the next scene, with relation to this entry, with communication.

Immediacy in communication is vital yet most of the world hasn’t said what they wanted to say yet. In turn, the world doesn’t know what could be. In turn, the world doesn’t know where to stand.

Hmmmm… I don’t know the world… really.

So let me replace “the world” with “I” or “myself”.

…yet most of myself, hasn’t said what I wanted to say yet. In turn, I don’t know what could be. In turn, I don’t know where to stand.

To let others know, you have to… let others know. To let yourself know, you have to… let others know.

There are those movies where in the end, it all came down to what a person or certain people said. Maybe we shold go back to calling them “talkies” to remind us that we can sense movement even if we’re blind and deaf but we can never hear a perfect context message unspoken.


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