Untitled (How Will It Feel?)

As he goes through his day, you can hear him sometimes.

He hums a melody here, and another there…
He sings the words of another here…
Then the bassline of another elsewhere.

People wonder why the caged bird sings,
It’s because it knows that when it’s freed,
It will remember the feeling of its wings.

Flying high with the tunes he has always known,
Never really knew the song,
But the parts he does are relevant because
Of that song that’s what he wants to show.

The melody glides as the bassline guides
The groove so smooth and the moves should slide
Parallel to the song – it’s a dance.

If you ask him to dance, he’ll be shy for a second
But when it comes to one of these songs,
He’ll be living for the present.

You see, he’s not really prepared and he knows this
But he’s doing all he can as the man that he should be
Seeing how this dance could be all of all right as it could be.

So he sings to make sure that his dance is in step.
It takes two to tango, take the lead to what’s next.

Here’s to the hope that she leads because, after all, ladies first.

First, is get closer.
Second, get closer.
Third, are you close enough?

And then…

He wonders, “Is it her eyes, her hair, the smile or everything?”
Then he wonders, “Is it my amazement, my cologne, my smile or everything?”

It’s that song.
He can feel the groove and she does too,
They both sang this song just to learn how to dance to it.

This was not the b-boy vs. b-girl battle,
“The game” everybody talks about,
“He’s fly but he’s a biter”,
“She’s fly but my steps are tighter”.
Taunting and doing backflips for respect.

Nah see, THIS was the tango that takes two to create.


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