What atheism doesn’t mean…

We all know what atheism means.


If not, here’s a reminder that atheism means that a person doesn’t believe in a supreme being.

That’s truly offensive and outrageous that a person would actually think like that IF that statement above also meant, “lacks any morals and lives a truly reckless life with no regard of anybody’s life including their own”, but it doesn’t.

I’m picking up a pattern where Christian people or good news spreaders of any denomination are seeing signs that the evangelical world is losing it’s population and they are using fear tactics to try and get some of those numbers back up.

Why? Because the evangelicals fear that the world is going to self-destruct if everybody on Earth hasn’t realized THEIR god. According to “Left Behind”, it’s going to happen that way but they shouldn’t worry anyways because they aren’t going to be left behind. But still, it would be nice to have those numbers up beforehand.

Here’s what I’m sensing though: the evangelicals see people labeling themselves as atheists or agnostics and they assume those people don’t have any idea of right and wrong.

Wow, one of those assumptions-of-the-century type of situations.

This is not a good concept for evangelicals to keep reciprocating if they want non-believers to gain their trust. I mean look, I find it offensive to those who have been living a good life with not a dent to their reputation that perform good and have helped many in life that do title themselves as atheists. If you don’t understand why it is offensive, just think if you were oblivious to an alternate culture but yet you did things that, other than believing in the deity, would be a model representation of a citizen of that culture yet you were still considered on the wrong side. Why would you go to the people who call you wrong for that and want you to become one of “them”? Why would you want to be a part of a group that even sees people as “Us = Better”?

I guess peer pressure is always a problem for things like this.

A similar assumption is that because atheists have been taught logic and reasoning from the scientific point of view that religion is an equivalent alternative. Empirical data vs. …just believe that it happened like that.

(While writing this entry on Xanga, I simultaneously watch the Kirk Cameron Origin Of Species video on YouTube and now I say…)

Wow, now how (wow now how, lol) is this version of the Origin Of Species “balanced” with a personal Darwin smear campaign… I mean “intro” to it?

Adolf Hitler’s connection to evolution? I’d say Hitler had more connection to Christianity than evolution.

Did Kirk just admit that these kids aren’t stupid yet went to also say that they haven’t been introduced to the alternative? With all of the craziness about atheism vs. evangelicalism going on in recent years, I’d assume the opposite that young adults 19-25 have been exposed to evangelical life enough to make a decision. Especially with blogs such as Xanga, and even more so videos on YouTube. I think today’s young adults are smart enough to know that. I was =P

So yeah, it’s not that atheists are bad people, it’s just that they don’t necessarily believe in a god.

It’s not like they’re going around naming people bad because they don’t believe in an unfathomable power bigger than what can be seen. It’s not like they’re going around trying to push their beliefs on everybody assuming they don’t know (reminder: insulting their intelligence).

And going the other way, atheists – don’t assume that people of faith are like extreme evangelicals like Mr. Falwell (R.I.T.G. – rest in the ground) or Pat Robertson, and probably Kirk Cameron. There are those religious people that UNDERSTAND that you might not have those beliefs and that’s fine because you are a good person that does good things for others anyways.

God was for you to better yourself, not make others who don’t believe seem bad at the same time.

Nor is religion a social networking tool, you don’t add or deny friends based off one thing only.

(No Revelife and TheologiansCafe, I won’t be your friend. Nothing against you 2 personally, just don’t want my update feed list full of too much stuff.) (I know they’re not just one person.)


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