Girls: A Guy’s Visual vs. A Guy’s Talk

Don’t worry, this is just another moment where I contemplate if the vibe I emit is working and/or if the visual is affecting a possible connection. Yes, by “visual” I mean looks.

As with any self-proclaimed “nice guy”, I wonder if, other than my shyness, my looks are less than appealing to girls I try and throw vibes at. When it comes to communication, I come out of my shell of shyness and it’s strictly because I think that if a girl talks to me, I’m already doing better than somebody. LoL… eh. Anyways, it’s kind of interesting but I have yet to clarify this: It seems like my looks start to matter less as soon as I open my mouth, responding to all that I can understand about the girl. For me, it seems like whatever they tell me I can relate to and further evolve the conversation and have it seem like I appreciate and understand what they’re talking about… which I do.

Is that something that girls like and does that (help) supersede the whole “looks” thing?

In this day and age of online networking sites with status, tweets, and blogs, I notice a lot of peers my age do exclaim their visual attractions to certain members of the opposite sex. Mostly celebrity, and that’s understandable, but it’s those non-celebrities that I know that get looked at like visual gods yet aren’t as knowledgeable about things as me (sorry guys) to have a decent conversation that cause me to rescind my “knowledge supersedes looks” theory.

But hey, I’m asking the wrong people, or in this case person (myself) if girls appreciate a knowledgeable conversation over looks more.

Maybe I’ll find out for sure or maybe I will be pointed to the understandably unsatisfactory answer of “depends on who it is”.

If you haven’t picked up on it, this blog entry is a non-direct question to whoever reads this asking for their opinion.

Any help would… help =)


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