Radio industry. Music industry. Where’s the competition?

So I’m sitting there in the car listening to a song with Lil Wayne on it for the 4,000,000th time that HALF hour and then the question hits me…

…why is there only so many songs on a radio playlist and why is it crap?

I’m going to follow this from when a song hits my ear, back to… wherever… we’ll see how it goes.

The reason I hear this crap song is because the radio station is playing it.

The reason the radio station is playing it is because it’s on a list of a handful of songs to play every hour. Imagine the hour being filled with advertisements, some “call-in” contests, and maybe some talk topics and then realize how much time is music.

Who is directing all of this programming? The program director of course.
Who hired the program director? Whoever owns the radio station.
Who owns the radio station? Somebody like… Clear Channel.
Oh, Clear Channel. Sooo, they’re puppeteering? Probably.

But the program director doesn’t pick the music, they just fill the radio with shows and “fun stuff”.

Who is directing the music? The music director of course.
Who hired the music director? Whoever owns the radio station. Uh-oh.
Who owns the radio station? Somebody like… Clear Channel.
Oh, Clear Channel. Sooo, they’re puppeteering? Probably.

Wikipedia says:
“A music director of a radio station is responsible for interacting with record company representatives, auditioning new music, and making decisions (sometimes in conjunction with the program director) as to which songs get airplay, how much and when.”

Okay, so in general, they would control that. Then again, who is controlling them? Probably… I mean… Clear Channel.

Clear Channel seems to not have large playlists of current music, at least not from what I’ve heard. I’m thinking there is a huge filtration on what gets played.

Just because it’s rap and R&B doesn’t mean it has to have teeny-bopper concepts. I know when R&B gets mature, it’s called “Adult Contemporary” which I don’t think there should be that. Why can’t kids absorb those kinds of songs?

Rap doesn’t have to be about all of the teeny-bopper BS it has turned into. It could definitely be used for some intelligent messages.

That was for all of you who stereotype “Rap = Crap” which it does now only because “somebody” has been filtering out the intelligent rap.

WAIT A MINUTE – Let me get back to these “funnels”.

So Clear Channel picks and chooses what songs are allowed or not allowed to be played.

Before that, the record labels have all of these artists that they have signed with new tracks to listen to.

Between the record labels and the radio station, there is a sort of rating period going on before the tracks get on a playlist.

So the record labels want the artists to have a fan base…

…but they are more willing to support artists who already have a huge fan base.

Artists that were discovered from YouTube get signed based off of their video view count i.e. The Pack, Soulja Boi, New Boyz. (All of them IMO are crap.)

So the label signs artists with a sizable fan base already.

As I said, there are plenty of artists signed but the label is more willing to back those who have a big fan base.

There are plenty of artists on the Interscope label that you haven’t heard and a good possibility you never will hear from.

My major point is this: Companies like Clear Channel that consolidate radio stations have a really tight grip on the programming and unfortunately for us, the end users a.k.a. listeners, we’re stuck usually with a playlist created from a false barometer reading or at least one that says, “No, we don’t want a chance to hear music written about this crap.”, which I think is a false barometer reading.

Sure, I could try to go on MySpace, Imeem, YouTube, to find artists I like but with so many out there, there is a time constraint on that kind of discovering. Yes, the record label does their job but could they push for more variety by backing artists with more music instead of the artists that have a fanbase based off of a gimmick on YouTube? Yes, the radio companies are limiting the list to the fanbase but just the same as the record label, could they not limit the playlist?

I mean, if the artists with the fanbase are truly good in the ears/eyes of the listeners, then they don’t need that much of a promotion push to make the money. If they pushed the artists with minimal fanbase (due to not being heard, not because they suck) to have a much bigger fanbase, I think that would give the music industry back some credibility as an industry about music… and the corporate could still get their money

I’m kinda sick of hearing *^auto-tune rappers (which doesn’t make sense), *^auto-tune singers (which still doesn’t make sense), and just dumb songs in general.

*The fact is artists who don’t need Auto-Tune do fall back on it sometimes but not as much as you think. If you have the ear for it and have been noticing that new artists i.e. Jeremih, J. Holiday, The Dream, Drake, depend on it which is crap. The real singers still don’t use Auto-Tune i.e. Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Usher, Justin Timberlake… and that’s a good list that goes on.

^Not really mad at T-Pain. He pioneered the use of it as a gimmick really well and I respect how he worked it. Remember N*Sync “Digital Getdown” though? LoL.

Gimmicks are fun sometimes but that doesn’t mean it’s good music.
Clear Channel hires music and program directors to puppeteer but that doesn’t mean they’re hiring them to play good music.
Record labels sign artists with big fanbases at the moment but that doesn’t mean they’re making good music. It could just mean they have a good gimmick at the moment (go back to “Gimmicks are fun…” and repeat).

I don’t like how if we’re listening to rap/R&B that we’re forced to listen to the same-sounding gimmicky crap giving these genres a bad name with this generation.


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