…The Moment You Realize It’s Not Going To Last Forever

Before, you would have never thought that this would ever happen. The moment when you had what you wanted but didn’t know what to do with it because it wasn’t what it seemed.

There is beauty in life, and there are the things we want.

Why are there so many people thinking that the only types of beauty are those that are apparent as a true-life fairy tale? Why must beauty be flowery, light, and graceful? Why must we even go out looking for beauty?

People need to stop acting like beauty will be the forever of a situation once their motions are enacted.

If you already know the beauty of something, don’t ignore the other side. Once you have it, there will come the moment you realize it’s not going to last forever. Even if you find beauty in a rock, it too erodes amidst the elements.

Change is inevitable even in yourself. You could try not to change but then the world will change around you. Not “for” you, “around” you.

What would you have left? A memory of the beauty that used to be beautiful?

Beauty is not something you look for.
Beauty is something you feel.
The same beauties don’t last forever especially when you look for it, you’ll only find it has an ugly side as well.

That is beautiful to those who understand true beauty.

It’s what you didn’t see when looking because you were looking for a higher standard.

The harmonies in life are the beauties in life that strike a chord but are never just another melody you can lull your emotions to content. It is a song you’ve never heard before, therefore, you can’t recite.

Though the more you hear it, you’ll start to realize, this beauty isn’t going to last forever.


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