Blessings… yeah kinda.

You could call it divine blessings… but think, in a religion where you’re supposed to give and pray to receive, someone’s bound to give to you something you want. It’s not God’s fault that it actually happened so much as He inspired the two minds, one to pray/ask for something, and the other to give something to this person.

Look, people use God’s name to define all of the good things that happen to get them forward in life. What happened to what the other party was thinking… “I’m just going to give this person that they want and I don’t need.”. It almost seems like it’s taking away from the person’s free-will. Oh but wait, God is not able to be in control when something bad happens.

God seems to be the justifiable reason things happen or not happen. He’s the justifiable reason people can take other people’s lives, but yet He has forsaken the families of the victims… or they find a way to say they deserved it and it’s just God doing what he does.

There is a certain group of people I know that have had “visions” of the future of what God wants them to do… and that’s fine. God inspires them to do something. Free-will is still there.

The problem? Recently, the visions have all changed drastically and seemingly conformist… to each others. They’re using God’s name to say they don’t want to continue on the same path. From my understanding, God doesn’t create confusion. You may ask, “If the person knows what they need to do now, then where is the confusion?”. The confusion lies in the attributed parties outside of the person. The phrase, “All of a sudden…” makes it’s way into conversations of curiosity with reference to why now and why like this? All the plans already in progress and God suddenly wants them to be abandoned? Why is God influencing giving up on what has yet to be finished? Why would God want you to change over to a drastically alternate plan?

I don’t think this is about God. I think this is about fear and lack of confidence and why not inject the possibility of (and probably more than anything) ignorance.

The fear of making a commitment to a plan that you understand does have risks.
The lack of confidence of your mind to adapt and alleviate those risks.
The ignorance of not understanding what happens to everyone around you when you allege “God has decided” for you to stop without finishing and do something else.

Coincidentally, that something else has less risk of being a failure in any shape or form… but then again, it has less dynamics to work with and against during the “progression” or so it seems. Confidence in self is less.

God, in my opinion, is a metaphor for confidence. It seems his scriptural existence began at a time when the Jews enslaved in Egypt decided it’s time to change this (you can correct me on the historical situation between the Jewish people and Egypt if I have gotten it wrong.). God was the force behind the movement, God is the reason people do great things… God is confidence.

Getting back to the case of my friend who likes to say that “God has sent me a vision to change plans”, God was the confidence in him to succumb to lack of confidence in the original incomplete plans and try something “fresh”.

God is the confidence to admit lack of confidence and to ignore the fallout after breaking plans. Ah-ah-ah, you can’t argue it, it was God’s decision.

Yes, it was God’s decision for the other party to waste time and resources, but for this person to feel like going through with it and then stop and move on without guilt.

Understand, I have written this not to show that I hate God and the idea of him, I hate people who use God’s name to justify ignorance and change of mind so they don’t feel guilty after the point where they themselves didn’t lose much but whoever else was involved wasted time and resources for nothing.

I don’t use God’s name to explain everything I do. God is the inspiration of success may it be for what can externally be seen as good or evil, but for me, He’s there to support psychologically. The teachings and the word are guides to a strong mindset.

Whatever good that happens in my life will feel right when I feel it has been earned. If it’s given to me, then I thank whoever for their generosity. I won’t take away the animal-istic and natural process of thinking and choosing to do something. God has the power to take away evil, but from what I’ve seen around in life, it doesn’t happen often enough to be proven that it’s really God. The same goes for God “doing” good. He’ll inspire it or he won’t.

My point/suggestion (and a very hard one at that): Have the strength to admit when you are confused and/or not confident in what you currently have going on to a human on a humanly level where they could help you in this world. Quit using God’s name to cover-up your failure to understand. Quit saying God’s helping you while not realizing He is also “helping you” to abandon others and/or not feel guilty about it.

For 99.9999% of every cause there is an effect that is provable by something  that can be seen and understood as a proof by anyone of any or no religion. For that other 00.0001%, science has yet to discover those missing links.

Religious people can sit and pray for that 00.0001% to be able to be understood, the scientists will just work on discovering it.

(Get rid of Prop 8)


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  1. “Religious people can sit and pray for that 00.0001% to be able to be understood, the scientists will just work on discovering it.”Woah! What I said!

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