“Religious” Experience and crying…

Why are there those evangelicals that make it seem like they’ve only cried out of joy and love in a religious experience? It almost seems like they’re saying, “Yeah, your experiences are okay but nothing compares to this. It’s so crazy…” then the say one of the most ignorant things ever, “…you never felt anything like this!”. What?! Not only does it seem like they have not been able to see and discover beauty outside of their faith or they just don’t want to, but also they assume they’re the only ones who can experience such a feeling because they call it God or Jesus. That’s not how religion is supposed to go for unity, but I can see how that is supposed to go and make somebody feel better by calling themselves righteous for being in a religion and having an experience.

Not every religious person is like this but this isn’t for every religious person.

Religion is not for people to judge what another person has experienced and say it wasn’t the same feeling.
Religion is not for to assume they are automatically righteous because like Kevin Rudolf said, people try to “pray to God to justify the way you [they] live a lie”.
Religion is not for anyone just to find experiences and have the reason God to explain for everything.

Religion is a way to make you not feel guilty for any wrongdoing when you repent in the favorable traditions of your religion (so others within the religion can identify you as one of them and make sure to not say they’re more righteous than you?).

I mean really though, these types of religious people are going to tell others their experiences aren’t as great as a religious experience because it’s not… religious.

Just because they found the beauty in a non-religious experience doesn’t make the feeling any less real for them.

Love and confidence in life by any other name would still feel as sweet.

What if the whole reason for God and Jesus was to not make religion but to break down the divisiveness of creating groups who want to find unity by being on the lookout for people “less-than” instead of being on the lookout for beauty hidden in what is already visible as ugly?

It almost makes religion feel like a club then which I don’t think God or Jesus intended on doing.


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