Don’t Get Too Preachy. *OR* How To Survive The Music Business.


As much energy as you put in, get’s amplified, and there’s enough energy left to come right back through it all…
…and as long as you don’t pull it back, it’s going to keep going through the system and exponentially increasing in volume as the energy layers itself amplified on itself amplified. What happens then is an incredibly debilitating output that people don’t want to listen to in this continuous loop… or for even a conscious moment for that matter.

That’s definitely not how the speaker or performer or whoever wanted to be heard.

Realize, people, that every time you broadcast yourself, you might exert excess energy and try to prove beyond what was needed and start getting heard as annoying to the listeners. It gets to a point where it seems like you’re not just trying to get us to understand, it also seems like you’re hanging on for dear life trying to survive and you need fresh agreeing souls to sustain your ideas and beliefs to then preach into more minds.

Now, it’s full blown overdrive.

And it’s amplified so much the main points at the crest of the wave are getting cut off and the listeners are saturated with the things that support the main points but don’t necessarily need to be heard as much as them.

With all of the different people now just bombarding the listeners with the same energy at different points, it’s like a chorus.

Then they all mix it together and add a little bit of this, trim a little here, augment that, add some sparkle there, master it, finalize it, put it to disk and let’s see how many people eat it up and buy into it.

Nielsen Soundscan says… eh, people didn’t buy it too much because it sucked as a live show. This is just a false representation now meant to compensate.

That’s why I might seem a little more skeptical to the flashy stuff. The idealistic lifestyles and the greatness that will come if you just follow… or not.

The ones that become great and always looked at as real cool about what they have done have really done less talking about it compared to their actions of just doing what they do. One day, they just found themselves in the right network because they did the right things and said them the right way and never really presented themselves excessively. Nonchalant at what you do, you have listeners going, “Hey, this kid’s a natural!”


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