Anybody that waits it out will be just that… out.

(Entry title quoted from Brian Dennehy as “Big Tom” Callahan in the movie “Tommy Boy”)

I understand how people feel like they have initiated motions of events but sometimes get self-conscious and feel like they have to wait for this opportunity to become more clear or they think it’s a timing problem.

It’s understandable when people of faith can have faith in something that they are doing and pray for a blessing of opportunity within the opportunity.

Although, I have noticed that in a lot of cases, it seems like they are really putting it in the hands of father time, or the Father, for an outcome. This to me is especially risky not only for if the outcome not wanted happens, but if the situation is in the long term with minimal to no basis.

It’s great to want, to have a plan and stick with it until a moment of revelation that it was worth it or not.
It’s not great to want with no basis, to have a plan with only positive expectations and stick with it exclusively.

If/when the one opportunity is lost, all opportunities are lost due to the fact it was the only one.

Opportunities are created somewhat by chance, even more so by choice.
Opportunities are also lost by choice.

Yes, it is unnecessary to have created other opportunities it ends up this one works out.
What if you had created more opportunities and they all worked out?

To have a hard decision to choose only one of many great opportunities for you is better than having lost your only decision after losing your only opportunity.

If you really explore to find what you are looking for, there are more chances you will find it by looking for more.

And this is one of many situations where this application applies:
If you love something, let it go (as to not rely on it so much). If it comes back then it was meant to be.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket =)


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