I might have a problem… (not serious, maybe?)

I might have a problem… (not serious… maybe?)

Sometimes, I wonder… which leads to some
envy of most others normality by being ignorant. My consciousness of things
leads me to believe that I’ve taken too much time learning things when I could
be self-conscious of how I look and make sure I create a long list of
(attractive) girls I’ve slept with. Eh, these thoughts happen but only exist for
a short time…

…but recur almost every day.

I like to do things but I am conscious of why I can’t do certain things which leads me to only thinking of how I can get my pieces of pies in life (not sexually).

Reclaim lost confidence when I get the feeling of unfairness in life of those who have more in this world without knowing how or why. How do they receive it and why? Usually from another person who doesn’t know how or why.

And here I am working towards my goals with minimal help and I am not getting anywhere because I can’t get anywhere as easy as everyone else therefore, I am missing the opportunities I have been wanting but losing them to others who don’t know why, how, or even just don’t care. Yes, they’re grateful they got it but they aren’t grateful for what they learned getting it and they can’t be grateful for learning anything about it because they didn’t learn anything about it. They really just were at the right place at the right time.

Pardon my ranting about how I am not getting what I asked/prayed, worked, and learned for but it’s just sometimes I feel like I know the right things, which means every time is the right time, but unfortunately, I’m in the wrong daily life.

I might have a problem… (not serious, maybe?).

Seriously, a small thought that evolved… seriously.

– G B


One thought on “I might have a problem… (not serious, maybe?)

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  1. hi, hope your problem does not become serious. life never gives us what we want, but maybe because we don’t give life what it ask of us.
    I know many people that feel like you do right now. i made a choice to stop making it all about me and give as much as i want back. i don’t know how you will take this comment, but i don’t mean it in a wrong way. hope you get everything you want, ask, pray for soon. take care.
    P.S. your site is wicked cool =)

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