One-up yours!

You know those people that try and get every one-up on you?

You: “I didn’t sleep but 2 hours yesterday.”
One-upper: “Oh yeah? I didn’t sleep all day!”

You: “Cool, I just won $2 on a scratcher.”
One-upper: “I won $5 not too long ago.”

You: “Damn it. I just got another speeding ticket.”
One-upper: “Psh… I got 3 in one night!”

Yeah, they pride themselves in achieving more things even if it is something that you really should not take pride in achieving.

Those stupid one-uppers.

It’s not even something that gets me to wonder about whatever it is. It’s more annoying than anything. They have an answer for everything that wasn’t really a question. If I wanted to know anything that they were telling me, I probably would have asked.

Usually, I’m just stating whatever because if I don’t, my reaction or whatever I just did that was out of the ordinary doesn’t make sense as to why I did it.

Anyways, it needs to rain in California because the smoke in the air is causing a haziness in life in general for me…
…and some one-upper person in Iowa is saying, “Oh yeah? Well we got floods!”


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