Online flirting, dating, whatever???

Okay, I think I am fully sick of those online flirting applications on MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Not Truth Box and similar apps where the people already know each other…
…the ones that are social profile picture based asking, “Would you date her/him?”.

Visually based. It’s really kinda odd to ask “Would you date her/him?” based off of a picture.

I’d rather go through dating videos or whatever those things were in the 90s.

It’s like the app is asking me, “Do you think you’re compatible with this girl because she looks good?”.

In reality, it’s more like, “You want to hit that don’t you?”.

That’s not dating. That’s f*cking.

What do they expect? Do they expect, “Oh, we both liked each other visually. We should meet up in person at a Starbucks.”

Chris Hansen (of NBC Dateline) helped defer those kinds of things from happening so easily.

(Those desperate guys on “To Catch A Predator” give guys a bad name.)

Of course, I don’t rely on dating and finding friends in the digital domain. I might as well plug myself into the matrix and lose touch with the real world (or are we already there? J/K =)

I know that it can work but I guess it’s just not for me.

Honesty can’t be proven online. Personality is hard without those real vibes. Body language, voice tonality… all the cues that come with in-person social interaction.

Maybe I need to hook up my webcam and microphone again. Those times were fun and that helped!

You know what? I am =)


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