When we talk…

See, when we talk it’s like you open up the door to your soul and I
open up mine and we discover things inside each other that are similar
if not the same. The different levels of ideas and thoughts that we
coincide on keeps me interested and wondering what more is there to
you? Our differences can be drastically different but we could…
talk… those to be seen from each other’s point of view and could be
knowledgeably softened to a gradient-like understanding.

when we talk it’s like we are trying to find each other in each other
and that way of finding me in you isn’t really me finding, it’s more
like you releasing yourself and we just never knew we were both already
there. It’s enlightening me of how people shouldn’t find ways of
keeping each other divided but instead should realize that great
feeling when you find things in common with each other, and should want
that more.

See, when we talk it’s like we have the power to
externalize an internal feeling from each other and internalize
external feelings we negatively had and used because my comfort when
talking with you induces my confidence to be increased, the confidence
to be myself… my true self.

See, when we talk it’s like we are
reaffirming that people can find a way. We as people taking each
other’s ideas and hybridizing them with each other’s ideas in attempts
to resolve what we never knew could be resolved by just talking.
Talking won’t necessarily resolve everything but at least we have a
good start to resolution by knowing where our dilemmas really are by
talking it out.

See, when we talk it’s like I have confidence
that I am somebody and hopefully you feel that I am somebody but even
more that you feel like you’re somebody and if our conversations
reaffirm that you are somebody… that makes two of us.

And that’s why I love it when we talk…
…if ever we talk.

– G B


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