The hardest decision in love.

To let go or even just to make a decision that might cause the relationship to be not the same and fade away.

To love something and let it go to see if it comes back to you because then it’s true and meant to be.

To love something, let it go, and NOT know if it will come back.

To love something, let it go, and have reasons so it won’t come back.

To love something, let it go, and know it’s not coming back.

To love something so deeply and let it go is the hardest thing to do in love. For what it was all worth emotionally and in the end, it’s gone. For all the times you did let everything else go and thought about your love and what you’re going to do the next time you see them… but now that’s all you can do is think about them.


And so we must learn to accept that not every good thing, or at least good feeling thing, comes to an end. Indefinitely or definitely. If it’s the former, just feel that everything happens for a reason and if you gave her/him your best reasons to come back, they just might. Don’t bank on it. Things happen in crazy ways. If it was the latter, just know that what you did have was great and you will have something to talk about with them when you reunite with them in the afterlife (if you believe in that kind of thing).

So now, I must let go of this blog entry…


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  1. @hkho – Oh no… I am keeping my Xanga and writing in it still.My bad. I edited what ended with just “blog” and now “blog entry”.Thank you for being a fan… and please stay because I am going to keep writing in my Xanga =)

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