Step One…

…but then admitting over and over turns into complaining.

Sometimes I just feel like I have to tell myself…

I’m a bashful an shy-like type a kid. Cute strangers can’t get me to talk to them right. Pretty faces create questions that I wanna ask but then turn into words that I don’t know how to use very well anymore. It never gets to be a conversation, just a couple glances and smiles and that’s about it.

I’m definitely not a conversation starter…
…but when it comes to continuing one, I can do that.

If the girl starts a conversation, then I can take it from there… but I digress… or did I? Whatever.

I know that one of my problems I feel is that I’m lonely but what’s worse is that I have a problem DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Instead, I sit here and blog about love and what I’m NOT doing about getting into it. Thanks Xanga for giving me a way to distract myself and inform people of how I’m doing it. Just kidding Xanga, you haven’t done anything wrong =)

Well, I guess it’s good to know that I know what kind of girl I like. She’s not easy or easy to get because the best ones seem to be snatched up the quickest.

It’s all in the timing. It doesn’t matter if you know (or think you know) the “right” things to do, it’s all in the timing…

…and I guess it’s just not my time.

Or maybe it’s time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
Or maybe it’s time to ask for help?

I think it’s time to stop typing and get off Xanga =)


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