Dancing, Music, Art

Have I talked about dancing yet?

I’m pretty sure I have.

Just give me a dance studio with mirrors all around and a nice audio system…
…I would like to just dance for a while!

Minimal if any audience. Preferrably other people who aren’t trying to judge because I’m not ready for that yet.

You know what I want? An HD camera so with these dance sessions, possibly a music video can come into play real easy.

I got R&B club tracks ready for videos… I think.

I want to do music videos that are fun, not the usual, stereotypical crap.

because with all the same sh!t going on in the mainstream music videos,
there needs to be a counter. Ideas need to dance around a bit. Also the
song needs to have a feel that is open for something new. Well, it’s
not a necessity but it sure does help get the creativity going easier.

So I would like to dance.
I would like to see cool music videos.
I would like to make cool music videos.
I would like to hear new music.
I would like to see you dance and have fun.
I would like to cause that fun atmosphere with my music.

I guess I have an artistic mindset.

It’s so fun though!

– G B


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