Where to let go…

There are some things I gotta learn to let go of.

There are some responsibilities I gotta realize that they shouldn’t be my responsibilities and just let go of them and not trip.

As much as it might seem irresponsible to let things go and NOT try to help those situations, I shouldn’t be worrying anyways.

I should let go and somebody else take over because I took too much responsibility as a caretaker and the result? Now the roles reversed in a way.

Psychological problems turned physical at the end of last year…
…and I am still recovering and treating it.

It’s not as bad as it was as a couple weeks ago, but I still have minor panic attack episodes.

Mornings are usually when they happen because of the mindset of everybody going to work/school and in my “weakened” state, preparing to be alone all day, the feeling of being by myself… and then I worry about worries that shouldn’t be worried about. Time alone helps and hurts in waves. It helps that I can be alone to get some mental time alone to focus and get my mindset right. Although, my mind can wander with it’s analytical ways and lead me back into the negatives and that’s the hurts.

Letting go is what I need to do.

I need to let go of certain things and not feel guilty to get some of my own peace of mind.

Psychological turned physical is easier to get into than people think. You don’t necessarily need a tragically traumatic experience. People have their relative thresholds of mental strength and it might seem odd that you’re strong minded in one way and then lose it in something else that seems less but…

…the mind is a very powerful thing.

It can make you sense something that’s not real. It can put something there that you don’t want.

Another point of balance in life that even being strong-minded one way can weaken the mind in other ways.

Life and its balances.

– G B


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