(I love how this idea came about…)

It’s been said millions and billions and trillions of times… expect the unexpected.

I didn’t expect one thing but that’s what I was supposed to expect…
…but with nothing showing me any reason to expect it, why would I?

LoL… well, I guess that’s my problem. I’m still expecting some hints. I don’t want to assume, so I don’t.

The phrase, “Expect the unexpected” tells me to though.

Well to me, it means to expect both so I automatically think of both ways. I could expect one or the other either way.

LOL!!! Omg… I am so tripping myself out thinking about this. This is DEFINITELY not what I expected.

I guess I should expect nothing…
…but then I’d be expecting the unexpected because something is going to happen.

That’d be interesting if nothing happened…
…but then that’d be what I expected and that doesn’t seem right.

That would probably lead me to a false sense of great intuition and I’d probably say, “I knew that was gonna happen!” more often… I think. That’s what’d I expect =P

So yeah, I don’t know what to expect. I guess I really shouldn’t expect anything, but I have been doing that anyways.

Tale as old as time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


I guess I was prepared to expect that…
…or not.

This is really unexpected =P


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  1. re: haha youre right! the movie is kind of both. i wish they lived though.. but i loved it. haha.
    & to youre blog.. you are right. i got kind of confused at points, ahah. i like how you question what is often believed to be.. right? in some way. i dunno haha. i guess the idea behind “expect the unexpected” is to just.. go with the flow. live life however you want and things will come to you.. unexpectedly. haha.

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