You can’t cheat fate.

Have you ever tried to cheat fate? Haha… try it! Actually, don’t. You’ll be disappointed. Probably, at yourself for thinking you could.

Check this:
I can feel where I am going with everything but I don’t want it to happen. I’m about to duck out of this-and-that so I can get out of this situation. Just because it feels natural where I’m going doesn’t mean anything. I can poison the river of life upstream to change the downstream.

And so with that poison, person-in-story did poison the river but that didn’t change which way the river flowed. It just made it harder on them to flow on it.

They didn’t want to go where they were headed but they ended up there anyways.

In an alternate story, they loved where they were going but then didn’t end up there. In that story, the person couldn’t be patient enough to just flow to their destination so they pushed and then overshot what they thought was their intended landing. Really, it wasn’t though. They were going to pass it up anyways.


Fate is a river that flows you past what you need to see on your way to where you need to be. There is minimal if anything you need to do to get to where you need to be because the current will carry you. You’re gonna have to feel that for yourself. Even more, you’re gonna have to trust your feelings. What I mean by “doing anything” is changing the way you’re living from your true self to try and get “there” or to try to avoid getting there (“there” is only thinking where you want to belong, there is just where you belong). If you ever think you wanna stop and get off the boat, you might wanna think and be prepared to either swim, sink, or wait. It’s all gonna be hard because while you’re trying to swim away, opportunities are going right past you. Sinking, as in just drowning in denial of what’s going on. Waiting for someone to help you? While you wait, you’re going to just get yourself in a state of confusion. Standing still, waiting for help… you’re going to lose opportunities, and independence.

You might as well just flow chillin through life. One of my now favorite sayings is, you gotta find the beauty in everything. The most beautiful thing about life is the execution of things. Those are those moments that leave you in awe, leave you pissed, leave you depressed like crazy. Oh, the pains in life. But really, if you never had that pain, your life would have been easier. You would have never known you were living if you never learned from pain or even felt it. Your pains have defined you. Your sacrifices have defined you. They were all setups! You are already pointed in a direction and you didn’t even realize it. Remember the poison in the river? That’s what it is when you think that adding an aggressive move will help you. When a move is selfishly made, now you’re not feeling the right direction. You’re still going where you need to go. Either rewarded for your patience or suffer an easy loss from your easy gain.

Whatever it is, it’s right where you need to be. Don’t push your luck but don’t stop living life. Just flow.

It’s not a game but it can be fun like one. Just don’t try to cheat fate. You can’t cheat fate.



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