Well, it’s just been a hard winding down of 2007 but I’m doing alright.

A bit of some worrying. A bit of some comforting. A bit of some writing.

you try to comfort people, it doesn’t seem right to try and comfort
without feeling the pain as well. If you’re numb to their pain, they
might as well continue hugging a pillow and crying for help but there
is none.

Anyways… I myself have been wondering where I’m going and what I’m going to do.

I found help in helping =)

feel like there should be more but I’m not going to expect anything.
Christmas is a time for giving. I’ve still got some more to give. I
don’t know how much else. It depends on who else is wanting and what.

I have my wants. A couple people can feel them. I definitely don’t
expect them. It would definitely be nice though. One person gave me a
great gift already even as small as it was and only for the moment it
needed a place, I was there. I’m grateful.

You gotta cherish
things around this time. It’s cold outside. You need warmth. I need
warmth. Feeling warmth can be from an object I guess. A blanket? Sure.
I find the greatest warmth though is from the confidence in feeling
that someone is thinking of you. May the reminder be symbolized in a
gift or told and remembered, it doesn’t matter, people have their
different ways.

So to whoever reads this,

(just kidding)

Really though, whoever reads this,
I have $4 (as in 4 $1 bills) in my pocket. What do you want? Will it be worth it?

– G B


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  1. I was just thinking…we live in such a consumeristic culture that by the time a kid turns 25, he has everything he wants. What do you get a grown up kid? More toys? Video games? A third of his life is now over and we still treat him like a kid. If he’s like me he’s gotten tired of getting things. It’s just nice to be happy where you’re at.

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