Family… and friends.

The get-togethers… always fun (for the most part).

Family and friends and family-friends.

I’m glad I have them all to just let loose a bit with. We’ll take each others money, crack jokes about each other, and try to one-up each other and any chance we get! Sounds bad but really, it’s all love.

It’s a bit risky letting external company in but that’s all depending on the new company and whoever on the inside brought them in. 99.9% of the time, we just take whoever in real easy like.

If I’m not focused, my family and friends help me out when I need them to. Peer pressure when I need it (and sometimes you need it). It’s called “motivation” if you don’t want the chance for negative connotation.

If I didn’t have them, my focus would be lost and I would be paranoid of everything.

I would probably concentrate my energy on trying to rule the world!!! HAHAHA!!! Sike…

That’s impossible.

No one person is really more or less than anyone. Family and friends included, none of them are really more or less than. Maybe the patriarchs or whoever is at the top of the hierarchy.

Even externally from the family and friends ring, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I watch myself when I start to judge someone. I cut myself short from going too far in conversations. If I don’t know them, I can’t really go on…

…but I will BUST OUT about my cousins and fam and they will do the same for me because we need to let people know what we’re about!

LoL… just kidding.

But yeah, there’s a bond created that the insiders should never want to break.

The insiders also don’t want to let in something that would break it.

Outsiders shouldn’t try to break it.

We don’t go out there and try to ruin other people’s bonds.

Especially if it’s a good thing.

My word is my bond.

“Yeah, junk bonds =P”

Sorry, I just had to put that quote from “Hook”, lol.

Network the right way.

MySpace: A place for *family and* friends.

Xanga: A place for family and friends to read about the hap in each others lives and try and help.

Facebook: …yet another place for family and friends where you can do what both previously mentioned can do.

Friendster: A place… yeah, whatever.


This didn’t feel as therapeutic as my other entries but it just felt good to type about my family and friends. I wish I could see them all soon. Oh yeah, family is coming around again in a couple weeks =P Woo-hoo!!!

I still I wish I could see some of my friends that I haven’t for a while =(

We’ll see!


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