If you have ever seen the movie “Man On The Moon”…

You know the part near the end when he goes to the Philippines looking for the miracle cure of “psychic surgery” and then discovers how it is a trick just as he had done to so many?

That look and laugh that Jim Carrey does where you can sense the crying inside…

…that is the beauty I feel.

That is the beauty of how right you were and how you wish you weren’t.

I have a strong affirmation in my thoughts and unfortunately, they seem to be right. Not judgments necessarily but feelings and the possible consequences.

Everybody likes being right for the most part.

I do not like having an answer anymore or at least if I have one, I will leave it at a certain level of vagueness.

Knowing everything is not necessarily helpful.

I’ve said this before in a blog on my myspace.

When you know it all, there is no need to work for something, there is no need to feel for something.

I don’t want to know too much. I’ll gladly take things little by little but if I’m going to be asking for help, I’m going to be needing some learning space.

I’m not saying I know everything though I’m definitely not saying I don’t know enough.

I just don’t need to know certain things. I don’t want to know certain things… but yet I continue learning these things I don’t need or want to know.

I just need to stop. Settle down. I think I’ve absorbed enough to know better about too many things where my life could be pushed to an extremely active or an extremely stagnant state.

If you know me, you’ll know I need balance. No extremes.

And I’m learning extremely quick that I “didn’t want to know that”.

– G B


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