The “Master, (who is) of God”.

Foretold of births. The messenger.

In Muslim culture, was believed to have revealed the Qur’an to Mohammed. (I didn’t know that.)

Sometimes, Gabriel was regarded as the Angel of Death.

Okay, getting to the point a bit more (minus the religious a bit too)…

This relates because throughout my life, I’ve been a pretty good friend for support or advice. I’ve tried to help people and tell them certain things to improve whatever situation they may be in. Sometimes, it’s not so positive all around. I advise them that they should pull back on certain things they thought were doing good. The situations I usually give advice on are the ones that are like asking the question, “I thought they were good, why are they doing this? What are they thinking like?”. After they give me something to judge the person in question (judging people is not something I like to do but you gotta start somewhere), I do pull it from both sides. The softer side and the more aggressive/malicious side. I can understand why people do things, don’t do things, deny things, accept things, want more, give too much, try to become a part of things, avoid things. Balance. Karma. Deservations.

One thing I still don’t understand is how can I be the person I am, understand all these other people’s situations and not have any one situation like theirs in my life? You might be asking, “Why would you want those problems?”. The reason is because I never have really had to deal with another person on those relationship levels as in me vs. girlfriend/wannabe my girlfriend.

I guess even further, what’s wrong with me?

(Uh-oh, I’m getting self-conscious =)

That’s just one of those things that gets you to ask stupid and unanswerable questions like that. I’m confused as hell but I understand that there will be very few people who will tell me. I have yet to find anybody other than my family.

Do I really deserve the things I want?

Do I deserve of a beautiful girlfriend?

I personally think that if I can talk with other people’s beautiful girlfriends and level with them, why can’t I with a girlfriend of my own?

But this is all not up to me.

Pardon me, my selfish side is showing. Oh, and my frustration is coming out a bit. Excuse me while I leave my wants under the doormat so somebody else might want to come to my domain and go inside.

Here’s what you’ll find if you look under the doormat…

A relationship.
Not to feel like an outcast.
Not to feel like I’m going to be forgotten.
Not to feel like just somebody you know.
Not to feel alone.

– G B


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  1. Yes, you do deserve a beautiful girlfriend! & one day you will find her, true love will find you. =]
    You have a kind heart. When the time comes, treat her like shes your world. Make her fairytale come true. Every good girl deserves it & there are only a few just as much as there are only a few good guys too.  ;]

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