I dunno what my problem is but I have to really live a situation to
figure out the reality of the feelings in them. The consequences hit me
too while I’m thinking about it. It seems like a bad thing because I
will always be learning the hard way which can be way too bad in
certain situations. It could be good though as in the way that I
could  improve myself by developing a better spur-of-the-moment
intuition… or I could just read other XaNgA’s and figure out how
other people deal with things and how they could possibly work for me.
Also, what’s up with these relationships I hear about at school. When I
see these guys and girls just meet each other and then they go off and
have a “good ole time”, that makes me wonder if they really do like
each other or if they just want to add another name to the “I have done
these people” list. Either way, I want to figure that sh*t out. That’s



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