Lost a battle to this dope white guy (it was coo tho) + Dope environment and everything else = Disneyland Trip

That was tight!!!! Yes, I lost a popping battle… but hey, who can
blame me, I wasn’t the one who was called out and wasn’t intending to
go into that battle for good reason (the guy was way better than me and
I knew it). My friend Shaun was the one who got called out and he told
me to go in because I “had to get in on one of them”. < F*CK >
Okay, fine… I did what I could. But then it was all cool, all props,
no negativity (except for the fact that I lost). Another thing is that
my friend Juan was getting taught how to dance. He also was the one out
of our little group on the bus who had the longest sleep time on the
way back. So yeah, he was definitely not used to this kinda party
all-night situation. I fell asleep too but wasn’t asleep as long as the
others. Oh yeah, on the way down, our bus watched “Biker Boyz”… on
the way up, another bus watched “Hook”… that was kinda cool to have
two movies with my cousins Dante and Dion both in them playing on the 2
buses. Anywayz, back to Disneyland. The house/techno/trance/NRG dance
club area was kinda empty… but I got props from the DJ for the rave
light show I was giving.  The latin area was… too much spanish
music for me. I didn’t even go to the hip-hop area (which was in
toontown). Another unfortunate incident, I didn’t get to see June =( I
got to see George and Phil in person =) And I got to see Gerard for the
first time since 2002 =P I gotta arrange studio stuff with them later
on… But yeah, not everything works out as planned all the time…
some things happen and others just don’t. I guess it’s because we can’t
always get what we want when we expect it. It’s some philisophical
thing in life to show you that if you really want it, you’ll come back
and try again. It’s just frustrating though how close (and I mean
close) you can get and still not see what you have been waiting for.
I’ll be back though…



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