Disneyland in 2 days…


That sucks I can’t kick it in the 562.

I have this feeling about how people look at you… if you see them
looking at you more than once, there is something about you that has
interested them. It may be good, it may be bad. I learned this at the
mall. I saw a group of some cute Filipina girls lookin at me once…
twice… three times and some giggling… then they holla’d. That
proved the point for me.

Not for a while. I have so many stockpiled that I need to deal with
what I got first before I go on. Some remixes are in the works and some
club songs that are dope to dance to… one of them I hope gets done
for Aloha Dance.

That’s all for now – I’m gonna continue to get hyped for Disneyland,



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  1. good idea with deciding to work with what you have.  all your stuff has a lot of potential.  all they need is some polishing, some fine tuning, basically some TLC and yer set.

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