Okay, okay…

I’m trying to do something over the weekend since everybody abandoned
me =P I’m trying to get ot Santa Cruz and then blow everything else off
and go to LA. *good luck to myself*. My friend BJ has got this huge
bboy event goin on May 13th. If you want to participate, you can
contact me and I’ll tell you what’s up. I’m doing the mixing =)
Anywayz, I hope that this isn’t how lif is gonna be for me. I work with
all of these people and we’re all cool but for the friend factor, not
much happens. That would just suck to the highest level. And what would
even be worse is if all of the connections I have now disappeared from
my radar. Post-high school time can be scurry… but maybe if I get big
enough, I could use my notoriety to find my friends again easier.



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