Hey – 5 minutes later and SPRING BREAK IS STILL ALMOST OVER!!!

I was just thinking, one of my bestest online buddies Gerard has been
talking to me online since sophomore year. We haven’t seen each other
since summer school back then. We are going to Disneyland later on this
year for the Senior All Night mini-rave thing they do there… but
yeah. We have come to a day and age when people can carry on
connections with other people by communicating with them, seeing them,
and hearing them and never have met them in person. Now I have met
Gerard, but just thinking that it still is carrying on even while not
seeing him for a while is crazy but dope.

Which brings me to my next thought – I don’t want to lose touch with
any of my friends. So friends, if you are out there, KEEP IN TOUCH!!!


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