The Neptunes Presents…………… Clones

I got the album (with the bonus dvd). This album is  DOPE!!!! I downloaded the whole cd from the guys who ripped the advanced release but some of the tracks just aren’t the same as on this official public release version. Oh yeah, and it has been confirmedChad Hugo of The Neptunes is FILIPINO. Mad producin skills from a dude that is full-of-dat-pino. Pharrell is good too……JUSSPLAYIN……Pharrell has got mad skills too. That’s why they are The Neptunes. Sprite Liquid Tour Mix – they are going to be there, and I am going to try my hardest to get there. -~*Piecez*~-


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  1. Hey, I’m aaron’s friend James.  I got that beat you made.  It’s fucking sick.  I’ve already got a concept I wanna do using that beat you did, and was wondering if you wanna get together with Aaron and me sometime just to pitch and catch some ideas, cuz I think we could produce some tight shit.

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