Talking To The Night Sky.

I have a lot of questions about how I got here to this part of the time-space continuum that is my life. 30 years and 9 months in of experiencing it in the first-person and a clear night sky gets me asking it obviously unanswerable questions (even if I were asking a person) as if... Continue Reading →


Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars.

"Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams, quiet walks by quiet streams And the window looking on Corcovado, oh, how lovely..." - Astrud Gilberto "Corcovado" Ever since I was 5, when I can first remember watching Disney's "The Three Caballeros" and they influenced imagery of a romantic ocean-adjacent city with the song "Bahia", the idea of Brazil... Continue Reading →

Timing Is Convenient. Communication Is Everything.

I never thought about it before but I don't know if I can hold these two concepts in balance: timing and fate. Both of them I have appreciated through various often-perpetuated quotes. "Timing is everything." "What's meant to be will come back to you/stay." "Trust the process." "Everything will come to you at the perfect... Continue Reading →

The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior.

Tonight, I learned a(nother) very big lesson about doing something bold and out of character. I sent a compliment that was disrespectful in a lustful way to a young woman friend of mine that I have never thought of her that way before, or really any of my female friends ever. With this particular friend,... Continue Reading →

5 -Year Old Me Meets 30-Year Old Me And Sigh And Cry Together/I Watched The New “Beauty And The Beast”.

[Light spoilers ahead - references to new version enhancements, no details.] I have never cried watching a movie as much as I did tonight. I'm not sure if my older brother and younger sister have ever cried that much watching a movie either. I was 5 years old when the original animated Disney "Beauty And... Continue Reading →

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