One Take.

You have to exercise it. Your voice, after being on vocal recording hiatus for... years. As a studio producer and engineer mind, I understand the recording sessions are for getting multiple takes and make the final mix composed of the best takes. The best one of multiple takes for each section that was recorded. When... Continue Reading →


Lost Without U.

I practice my singing mostly on drives, those day road trips.... or night. Those car rides recently have been to L.A. and I love that drive especially for listening to 5 hours worth of music and singing with whoever is in the car with me willing to do so. My sister and I get those... Continue Reading →

April 7, 2018 – 1:30 A.M.

I keep checking my Instagram... all of them. I keep searching for things on Tumblr. I keep looking for something to look for. I keep looking for something. I look for "ASMR videos" on YouTube. I look for "nature sounds". I look for "night cricket sounds". I find this... I stop looking for things. I... Continue Reading →

The L.A. (Learn Again) Blog.

The first trip to L.A. in 2018. Well technically, I started off 2018 in L.A. so there's that for whatever it's worth. Anyways. My cousin had a final showcase for their semester at the Los Angeles College of Music. My cousin wrote 2 songs and performed them playing guitar and singing. It was a performance... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day: The “Right” Words.

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. How was it for you readers? Good? Bad? Okay? There is a popular shift in understanding that the ideas of expressing an appreciation for a lover or friend shouldn't just be isolated to one day, because obviously that's stupid to abide by a "Hallmark holiday". Yet at the... Continue Reading →

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