Valentine’s Day: The “Right” Words.

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. How was it for you readers? Good? Bad? Okay? There is a popular shift in understanding that the ideas of expressing an appreciation for a lover or friend shouldn't just be isolated to one day, because obviously that's stupid to abide by a "Hallmark holiday". Yet at the... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day.

It's been an interesting few weeks. 3 weeks ago, my dad left for a visit to the Philippines. We had a plan for how I was to manage money and handle certain bills, which was fine, but there was also a plan to send money to the Philippines when the funds became available. Seems pretty... Continue Reading →

Coincidences and Signs.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm sick of... coincidences and signs. Coincidences. Signs. They happen often and in a bombarding fashion. All in a day. All surrounding a word, a name, a topic, a concept, a person... least in my mind. It all makes sense in my mind. It all resonates, reverberates, echoes, haunts. It... Continue Reading →

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