[07.08.2018] – Honesty. Desires. The Human Condition.

At 32 years old, mentioning you’re a virgin to friends who joke about people being virgins as an insult is me saying “Fuck your standard!” without being an absolute venomous version of myself. Behind the pride that I seem to be wearing in not fucking up my life with random fucks with people without love... Continue Reading →


The Agoraphobic Romantic.

Somewhere out there, my life is waiting for me to live it... for real. I have been inconsistent in my social media use and I have been away from blogging so this one may feel a little rusty, but also will explain how I have been feeling for a bit now. It's been 11 years... Continue Reading →

April 7, 2018 – 1:30 A.M.

I keep checking my Instagram... all of them. I keep searching for things on Tumblr. I keep looking for something to look for. I keep looking for something. I look for "ASMR videos" on YouTube. I look for "nature sounds". I look for "night cricket sounds". I find this... I stop looking for things. I... Continue Reading →

The L.A. (Learn Again) Blog.

The first trip to L.A. in 2018. Well technically, I started off 2018 in L.A. so there's that for whatever it's worth. Anyways. My cousin had a final showcase for their semester at the Los Angeles College of Music. My cousin wrote 2 songs and performed them playing guitar and singing. It was a performance... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day: The “Right” Words.

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. How was it for you readers? Good? Bad? Okay? There is a popular shift in understanding that the ideas of expressing an appreciation for a lover or friend shouldn't just be isolated to one day, because obviously that's stupid to abide by a "Hallmark holiday". Yet at the... Continue Reading →

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